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A minority-owned law firm, Ruiz Law Group has a long history of representing financial institutions in a number of areas. Among these is the firm's special expertise in approving, for compliance and audit purposes, Spanish language translations of financial and insurance documents to ensure consistency with applicable law. Whether drafting original documents or editing the work of outside translators, our attorneys are uniquely skilled in reviewing and providing legal approval for a wide range of Spanish language materials—from contracts and disclosures to websites and prescreened credit offers.

For over 20 years, Ruiz Law Group (including its predecessor firms) has evaluated translated customer agreements pertaining to commercial and consumer deposit accounts, credit card accounts, securities brokerage accounts and automotive finance leases, along with related Truth-in-Lending and other federal and state mandated disclosures. The firm's attorneys also provide legal approval for translated privacy policies, collections correspondence, credit and life insurance disclosures, and product marketing brochures—the latter in relation to both account acquisitions and account retentions. The firm has vast experience in approving Spanish language translations of mortgage lending documents adopted for use in a number of states: from initial disclosures to security instruments to closing documents.

These services have proved invaluable to a variety of clients within the financial services sector. As many states become more proactive in protecting non-English speaking customers in this industry, it is not surprising that among the individuals who most frequently call upon the firm's services are in house legal counsel, compliance officers and securities account executives whose clientele includes foreign, Spanish-speaking customers.

Additionally, over the past several years, the United States government has aggressively increased its anti-money laundering and anti-bribery (FCPA) enforcement activities among all business sectors. As part of an effective ethics and compliance program, companies seeking to manage third party risk in Spanish speaking countries can look to the firm to ensure that translated policies and procedures adequately communicate strict and unambiguous standards of conduct. They can also rely on the firm’s specialized services to verify that translated third party vendor contracts truly spell out the specific obligations required of such vendors to mitigate ethics and compliance risks.

Ruiz Law Group's clients include Fortune 100 and Global 500 companies. The key to Ruiz Law Group's success has not merely been its unmatched proficiency in resolving complex issues of terminology and lexical semantics, but also its ability quickly to grasp the client's business objectives and meet often demanding document production timetables.

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